Thursday, 29 January 2015

What did I eat today? -January 29th

January 29th

Woke to a very snowey road this morning. Which means..SNOW DAYYYYY!!
Super happy..lie in ahoy!!


My friend Becky is currently staying at mine so in the spirit of a snow day we had a proper breakfast together. Tea and Jus Rol pain au chocolate!



For lunch I made wraps; Tofu, onions, peppers, mushrooms, bbq mango and chilli maranade, spinach, rocket, violife. Nom

I served the wrap with kale crisps and some tortilla crisps! My omni friend really enjoyed her lunch :)

Snow fun!


Me and Becky decided to go to Nandos. This was my first time going since being Vegan.
The staff were great. I had pitta and humus to start.
A veggy patty in a pitta with mushrooms, chIps and garlic bread..It was AMAZING!

So out of focus :/

Overall an extremely awesome snow day!!

Much Love



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