Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Start: Veganuary

Happy New Year! 

Welcome to my Vegan blog!!

In October I went to Vegfest, a vegan festival in London and this is really where the vegan journey began. I decided to go as I was already a very committed vegetarian. With 12 years under my belt I was bored of the constant cheese and egg substitute for everything as a veggie, my cooking lacked imagination and it just wasn't a challenge any more. So I thought id go to Vegfest for some inspiration.
I had no idea that it would be a life changing event. It was such an awesome event and it was there that I learnt of the vegan chocolate, vegan cheese..vegan everything world!!! I literally had no excuse!
I met a lovely lady on the Veganuary stall.She asked if I would sign up to the challenge, so after a long conversation about what alcohol i could still have and learning that pasta is vegan..I signed up!!!

 I couldn't wait until January so I started immediately.

The first few days were tough, I fainted on a bus and felt constantly hungry. I also noticed that I was bloated!! haha
Everyone around me told me to give up and start again in January, but I physically couldn't. I HAD to be a vegan. Id made that commitment, I believed in the ethics and I did not for one moment want to carry on putting my money in the industries that harm and exploit animals.  So after  doing some research  (literally the day I got sent home because I fainted on a bus) I decided not to give up and go for it.

The internet is a blooming magical place. I found a facebook group called 'what fat vegans eat'. Since I am fat and vegan, it was a perfect fit, the constant flow of amazing food porn and inspiration made it so much easier. Like who knew that Oreos are vegan? and crisps? and biscuit butter?

I thought  being vegan was going to be no fun, but I was wrong, there is so much out there!  A few months on I feel fantastic, still fat, but a little less fat, more energy and just less of a burden to carry around with me. I know its going to be hard at times and I know that I will spend the rest of my life having people say..but BACON though!..but the benefits are so worth it!

I am rambling! to my imaginary audience..anyways. This blog post is merely to say that anyone can do it, Have a go and try vegan this January! I'm really hoping I can keep up blogging this year, so if someone is reading this, please carry on reading this as I hope to post more food porn, recipes and general things I discover along the way!!!

I  shall finish with a picture of my new years vegan breakfast:

Toast, Veg sausages, Hash browns, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Spaghetti Hoops, ketchup and sweet chili sauce

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