Sunday, 25 January 2015

What did i eat today? January 24th

January 24th

Aloha,hope everyones had a top weekend. I may have had one cocktail to many this weekend which is my posts are a little delayed! Enjoy my saturday dining!


Smoothie! I literally just threw a load of fruit and veg in my blender and hoped for the best!..I was lovely


One of my top chummies and her daughter took me a place called the Carding shed in Hepworth. It was so cute, but unfortunatly, not many vegan options. I had a chip butty with no butter and nice big glass of lemonade. Was a nice little visit, but was one of those annoying times where there wasnt much choice. One thing that i thought was rridiculous is that the prawns in the menu were labelled veggie..say what??!! Still a lot of ignorance out there! chip buty was Tasty!


For tea we decided to go fo curry and cocktails! YUM. Unfortunately cocktails turned into a full blown night out, our fate was decided by a coin!! Still a brilliant evening.

We went to a place called The Chilli Lounge and they were super helpful. The told me all the things i could eat and recommended some great stuff. I would highly recommend them.


Garlic mushroom starter

Vegetable balti..this was very spicey (i am a whimp) in the future i will ask for it to cooled down. it was super tasty though



post curry cocktails..rocking the chipped nail varnish there!..wearing my veganuary band with pride

Hope you all had a top saturday!

Much Love



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