Saturday, 31 January 2015

What did I eat today?- January 31st

January 31st

Its the last day of Veganuary!! I cant believe how quickly it has gone! I have really enjoyed blogging my food and sharing my vegan journey. I am now at the end of my 4th month of being vegan and I'm LOVING it. I would never go back to dairy now as there is a vegan answer to everything.
I hope you have enjoyed my blog and I thank you for all the support. Im now going to try and do a dish of the week and I will continue to blog veganism and my journey!

On to the FOOD


I am disgusted with my breakfast. I had a doughnut and a rubicon.To be fair this was at 12....still..super unhealthy, but I was near a co-op and I wanted to try their doughnuts for myself..jam doughnuts..VEGAN...say WHAT


As I was in Manchester I had to go to the infamous (amongst Vegans anyways) V revolution.
It was AMAZING!! I had a BBQ burger with 'bacon' ,'cheese', coleslaw, 'beef' and onions.
This is the best burger I've EVER had. Check out the full blog post.

Whilst in Manchester I also went to their massive Holland and Barrett and finally found some pudology to try. Reviews to come when I eat these bad boys!

I also went to Waitrose and found these coconut yogurts and this basil tofu! It wasn't cheap but I cant wait to try!!


For tea I was really excited to try these Vbites 'Fish' fillets. They were soooooo good. Really tasted awesome. Holland and Barrett...get them!

The most unhealthy day. On to the smooothies and salad tomorrow. Going to be really strange not blogging it!!!

Well done to everyone who has completed veganuary. You did it.

Much Love



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