Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What did I eat today? January 7th

If you've just started veganuary a very big well done at getting to a week, the hardest bit is deffo over! I hope you're enjoying it and I hope these blogs are helpful :)


To get through the midweek hump..I needed a midweek pick me up!

Biscuit butter


Crumpets are a great, cheap, vegan breakfast!

Also a lovely sunrise this morning.


For my lunch i had left over stir-fry and asda buttons..nice!!


On the way home from work I got soaked so I treated myself to a chai soya latte from costa. So good!


For tea I decided to make a carrot soup. I got a bag for 19p reduced from sainsburys making a very cheap, healthy tea! ( and lunch tomorrow!)

Ingredients: carrots,garlic, stock, herbs, chili powder and some coriander..Boil and blend! Easy!!

All in all a very tasty day.

Also my local health food shop Half Moon informed me that my violife arrived.They are ace I order in every 2-3 weeks. Also got some reduced mini moo bars!! Awesome!

Much Love



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