Thursday, 1 January 2015

What did I eat today?- January 1st

January 1st

So I'm going to try and document my vegan noms every day...I work full time so i might forget, but since today is new years day and I've not changed out of my pyjamas, I thought ooh I'll document my food and take pictures!..go me!


As seen in an earlier post:
Hash browns, Toast, Vegetable sausages, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Spaghetti hoops, Sweet Chilli sauce and Ketchup. With a pint of orange juice! My poor hungover body needed this today!!

Dinner/Tea   (if you're a southerner like me!!)

So as I have been a hungover bunny today..I was Lazy! I grabbed a pre made enchilada out of the freezer and shoved it in the oven! It was an Amys kitchen product which I bought from Holland and Barrett. It was my first time having this and it was nice, flavorsome and easy to prepare, however I remember it being nearly £3 and therefore not something id rush to buy again. With my enchiladas I had a sweet potato, some pickled beetroot, steamed garlic mushrooms, spinach, salad cream ( asda light is vegan!) and some sweet onion relish. It was really nice!!

Pre Cooking

Amy's Kitchen Enchiladas

The final result: Enchiladas, Sweet potato, mushrooms, spinach and beetroot

Overall this was a really nice easy meal. I do prefer to cook though, so I wont be having this again in January

Pudding!!! (best part)

So today I had nothing to I thought id bake (see blog post on how to make brownies). I used a Jamie Oliver recipe and made brownies , these make a great pudding and snack, plus i have a chum coming to stay tomorrow so these are perfect for eating with friends!

Home Made brownie with Schlagfix whipped cream on Nannys china!

Schlagfix..a wonderfully named German whipped cream for vegans. Its by far the best I've tried. I bought this from VX (Vegan cross) in London when I went back for Christmas!

Overall I've had a good day with lots of comfort food to get through that post NYE hangover!

Nom Nom Nom

Hope you are all recovering!!

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