Friday, 2 January 2015

Ethical Shopping..Some Vegan Noms and cleaning products!

So whilst I was out shopping today I also purchased some nice food from UK chain Holland and Barrett and Home Bargains.

Curently there is a sale on, so I got:

Cheatin' Vegan Bacon Rashers,
Sage and onion slices (these are great for lunch at work next week),
Quinoa chips..these are soooooooo gooooood!
Nairns Oat cakes
Amys Kitchen Burrito, this was on sale so I've added it to my freezer for a rainy day!!

A nice haul!..YUMMMM

I also went to Home Bargains and got:

Mexican rice- Maybe to have with the burrito?
Oreos..just because
Party Rings because these have just become vegan!! They used to have gelatin in so I couldn't even have as a veggie...epic win
Bruschetta- To have with salads and beetroot at work!

This was all about £2.50

Finally..Cleaning Products. I always assumed these would be really, really, expensive, however we've just had a shop called 'Savers' open in Huddersfield and they sell the UK brand Astonish! This stuff is cruelty free, Vegan and Very cheap. The spray is 99p a bottle!

It smells good too!

So as you can see, more house hold products, available on the high street. All well priced and Vegan.

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