Monday, 5 January 2015

What did I eat today-January 5th

Day 5 workies!..the hardest get up of the year I recon! Returning to work after a 2 week break was hard, but I didnt sleep through my alarm. I count that as a win!!

This morning I made some marmite on toast..herbal tea and a banana. Im lucky enough to have a toaster etc in my office so I can store foods..nom. A great way to start the day, which will be quite a common breakfast during the working week.



By break time I'm super hungry. So more herbal tea and some fridge slice!


Every time we have a staff training day, my workplace put on lunch. Normally the vegan options arent great but it seems that they are really imrpoving! I spoke to all the chefs when I went vegan and slowly but surely there is deffo progress in our canteen. Today there were potato wedges, salads, samosas, oil and vinegar or bread dipping! Happy days!!!


After a rather full on day back at work I made a really simple tea. Burger, sweet potato, humus and spinach (I love spinach)

These VegiDeli burgers from Vbites are soo tasty!! Also keep an eye out at Holland and Barrett for their sales!..66p.....bargain...and they are freezer friendly!!

Hope you all survived your first day back!

Much Love



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