Saturday, 31 January 2015

Vegan Cafe: V Revolution Manchester

V Revolution

Today I was in Manchester and I had heard many great things about V Revolution on the vegan grapevine. I had to go and when I got there I was in heaven. The cafe is decorated like a cute diner. It had a little shop bit and a record shop (didnt see that bit). Overall really good vibes.

Random man in the picture..oops :/

The Foods:

A really yummy hot chocolate

The you can see there is an awesome amount of choice and its soo cheap!

I went for a BBQ burger. I cant even explain how damn good this was!


While I was in there I bought a few bits. Some new cheese to try, marshmallows, chocolate and some jerky.

Overall I was soooo impressed with the food, the staff, the price, the vibes, the shop. I wish I lived closer. All I can tell you is GO! I will be going again for sure!!

Much Love




  1. I actually live super close to Manchester (when I'm not at uni) and I've been dying to go to this place. I went to a vegan festival in Manchester a few years ago and they had a stall and I was obsessed. Unfortunately, whenever I go to manchester I can never find them. :c One day I will visit.

  2. theyre so easy to find the norther quater!! :) :)
    next time im in manchester Im going!