Saturday, 10 January 2015

Sushi Making and Vegan treats from the oriental shop!

Today I went to a great shop in Huddersfield called Dong Dongs, its an oriental superstore. I went in to get sushi making ingredients. Whilst there I was so impressed by the staff, they were so helpful and I got some great vegan food to try!

Sweet chili, Tempurra batter, vegan meat, rice noodles, tofu, soya sauce!! So many goodies to be found!

TOFUKING had me in fits. Aside from the brilliant name, this tofu is cheap at £1.69 for 3 Massive bits!!

Rice noodles!

Making Sushi:

I watched this video by Vegan Black Metal Chef (An awesome youtuber)! It's ace, awesome recipes with some really fun music. Love it!

The result:

As you can see..tempura is messy business!

I am so pleased at how my first attempt went!


Much Love



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