Sunday, 4 January 2015

Chocolate Fridge slab recipe!


I am back at work tomorrow, so naturally to help everyone through the first day of term I decided to make some chocolate vegan treats!


Full pack of hob knobs (or cheper version)
Half a bar of dark chocolate
1 Tablespoon of Golden syrup
2 large scoops of butter
2  Tablespoons of coco powder
4 Tablespoons of sugar

To be honest I don't really measure..I chuck it all in!!

Step 1: Put all this into a pan and let it melt!

I warn you, this is tasty stuff!!

Step 2: Crush up all your biscuits, i normally use the end of a rolling pin and just go for it!

Step 3: Mix all your ingredients together!

Step 4: Put in a dish and add vegan sprinkles, chocolate buttons..what ever you fancy!

Step 5: leave in the fridge to harden, then cut and put in a cute box. Take to work and be ready to be the most popular person in the office! NOM NOM NOM


Much love



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