Sunday, 18 January 2015

What did I eat this weekend? January 17th and 18th

January 17th and 18th

I hope everyones weekend was just lovely! I have been very busy and therefore didn't post yesterday! I thought I would do the entire weekend in one go.


So today I went on a meditation course in Huddersfield. I actually gave up a lie in to do this, which for me is pretty epic. I forgot to photo breakfast, but it was extremely unhealthy, herbal tea and biscuits! oops!


I went into town after the meditation course (which was amazing) and decided that I would continue my day of relaxing by enjoying some Costa and book time. I love this. Put my headphones in, read a book and drink a bucket of soy chai latte. I cant recommend this drink enough! I also enjoyed an M &S samosa.


For my dinner (or tea as the northern folk call it)  I decided to make some vegan Hulloumi. I was super hungry from swimming and needed some comfort food.
I did this by pressing some firm tofu over night (planning is key) and making a paste out of nutritional yeast, paprika, salt, and turmeric. This was then left to marinate a bit and then fried. I served on a bagel with rocket, mushrooms, spinach and some sweet chilli. To accompany I made kale crisps. NOM NOM NOM NOM


Breakfast was unfortunately missed today due to having several glasses of wine too many last night! My bad! I slept through, but then made a lovely lunch.


Grilled cheese sandwich and kale crisps. I am obsessed wit kale crisps atm. They are so simple and soo tasty!


For tea I got some veggie burgers and a sweet potato. Shoved them in the oven for half an hour with a giant mushroom, asparagus, tiny leeks, broccoli and some spring onion. Sprayed with fry light. Food heaven. Served with greens! Lovely

Overall some top food this weekend!

Much Love



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