Saturday, 31 January 2015

What did I eat today? -January 30th

January 30th

After a lovely snow day I went to workies to resume normal life. Shocked that Veganuary ends tomorrow! This month has flown, but I have LOVED it.


Crumpets, herbal tea, biscuit butter


Tofu Wrap leftovers


Tonight I went straight from work to Manchester to see Charlie Simpson (You know that guy who was in Busted...he's now solo) So i grabbed train snacks and then got food at the station. Train snacks were coke and Prawn cocktail crisps.

After a gruelling search for something vegan, I found a bagel place and I got loads of veg with some sweet chilli all warmed up. Was TASTY

Charlie Simpson was AMAZING

Happy Friday

Much Love




  1. I go to Manchester quite a bit when I go home, and although the train itself has limited options, their train station is pretty good. Depending of course whether you went to Victoria or Piccadilly. Piccadilly has a pret a manger so I always go there to get a sandwich and a juice for the journey. c: Also, congrats on veganuary!

  2. I went to piccadilly and had a nightmare trying to get food in a hurry..pret had no vegan food left!
    I found an ace bagel place though!
    Yeah my blog did so well in that time.
    4 months vegan now :)