Friday, 2 January 2015

Ethical Shopping..Massive Superdrug haul!!

So today I thought I would pop into town as I needed some shampoo and things...I usually get these from the high street store Superdrug. They label all there products and there suitability to vegans and they have the bunny logo, so you know its all legit! Plus they are really good value for money.
To get to the point there was a huge January sale and this vegan went a bit crazy!..

All of these products are vegan and were fom 99p-£2.49... Some things include: HandCream, bathbombs, nail varnish, bath salts..eye shaddow....WIN!

Well labelled with the bunny logo!..YES

I also got some bubble bath, soaps and shower gels for 49p each in the sale...they all smell lovely!!

What I actually went in for was shampoo, deodorant and tooth paste these were 3 items for £ again so cheap and they smell lovely!!

One of the things that stopped me going vegan initially was the misconception that I'd have to buy all my items from the health food shop and I just couldn't afford it. However Superdrug is so cheap, theres no reason to not buy ethical, every day products!!

I also went into to buy some make up. I had a £10 voucher and the 'B' range is currently on buy one get one half price. I got a few products for Christmas and I really want to just have Vegan makeup in my collection. I have a lot of non-vegan products left and I want rid. I will do a post on Vegan beauty soon :)

As you can see, keeping clean and beautiful as a vegan is cheap and easy!!
Hope this post has been useful :) :)

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