Sunday, 11 January 2015

What did I eat today? -January 11th

Day 11!!

Happy sunday all :). Today marks a year since I re homed Archi, the cutest cat ever! We celebrated with a lie in whilst watching Basil the great mouse detective!! Happy days!

I love her sooooooooo much!

On to the food:


A fruit smoothie...tasty and healthy! Standard recipe of chuck a load of fruit and some juice and blend!


What american folk would call a grilled cheese sandwich made with violife original vegan cheese, mushrooms, spinach and rocket.
Served with some chili heatwave doritoes


I chucked the following veg in the oven..onion..carrots..leeks..peppers..corn with herbs, frylite and let them cook away.I also cooked some soya burgers and served with a rocket, beetroot and spinach salad. I love having a rainbow for tea!!
I had it with some salad cream :)

Yes.. this salad cream is VEGAN!!!


Finally rounded off the day with  a gingerbread Alpro soya pudding! THESE ARE EPIC!

Much Love



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