Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Vegan Tuck Box!!

Vegan Tuck Box

You know your day is a good one when your Vegan Tuck Box appears on your desk!!
Winner! Every month for £11 (inc postage) I get a box of new exciting vegan goodies to try (usually 5 or 6 items)! I love it! More info can be found here!

Todays Tuck box contained the following:

Free Pretzels-Vegan chocolate pretzels. I am SOOOOOO EXCITED to try these!!!

JJ's Seets: Cocomels- Coconut caramels. I am not a massive fan of caramel,but I will give them a go!

Whole Plus Choc-Orange Hot Pot- This looks like a porridgey breakfast type thing, I plan to have this tomorrow at work, sounds sooo yummy!!!

A chocolate santa!...Very tasty!

A 9bar Indulge - I gave this to a colleague as I don't really like large nutty type bars! They were impressed! (Apologies for the picture, I made this post on my phone and I couldn't turn it round..the height of professionalism on this blog!)

Overall I am very happy with my box :) I love trying new things and getting post!

Much Love



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