Sunday, 4 January 2015

What did I eat today?-January 4th

Day 4:

Well hello there! I hope everyone is doing well, those new to veganism...WELL DONE...youve done 4 gets easier from here I promise!!

So I felt really poorly when I woke up this morning. Just a head cold I think and the sadness that today is the last day of the college holidays!! Back to work tomorrow, early!..I am excited to see all my colleagues though and get into the swing of a new term!

So todays fooodddd:


Mushrooms, humus, sweet chilli and some Vbites vegan bacon. Breakfast of the gods. I love this breakfast a lot. I only really have breakfast in the holidays or at the weekend and this one is always a great treat. Also its kind of like a Bills restaurant breakfast. Which is NOM!


I went to tesco today and found these parathas with bombay potato in, BOGOF making them 50p each!! Microwave, 3 minutes, serve with some spinach and you're good to go! I also had a naked bar because they are yum and raw vegan!


So for tea I just wanted some roasted veggies. I cut up sweet potato, onion, garlic, bell pepper and courgette, put on some bbq fry light and put in the oven for about 45 minute. I also had some vegan sausages. Yum

Finally I was on some facebook groups and i saw a really simple pancake recipe and thought i'd give it a whirl. So easy and the pancake was lovely. Had it with a banana, some schlagfix whipped cream and some chocshot sauce. Vegan heaven!!

So in general a good day for yummy food. I go back to work tomorrow and I know for a fact that I wont be treating myself as much. It will be back to the salad for lunch for me!

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