Monday, 12 January 2015

VeganRibs in the local paper!!

I am so excited and so thrilled that VeganRibs has made the local paper!

The article talks about the blogs success and mentions some of the recipes I have posted! Its been fantastically written and hopefully it will inspire people to see veganism in a different way!

I am Buzzing!!

You can read the article HERE! :)

Thank you everyone for all your support It means so much to me! <3 <3

Much Love




  1. Hi! Congrats on getting your blog in the paper! It's so cool that veganism is becoming more popular. I love your blog and I was wondering whether you wanted to give my blog a look at? I post vegan stuff too. Recipes, makeup reviews, shoe brands, etc, all cruelty free and vegan. c:

    1. Hiya
      thank you soo much!! Its ace
      i will deffo follow you :)