Thursday, 16 April 2015

Vegan Tuckbox March Mini


Its always great to find a Lovely Vegan Tuckbox in the post. The March Mini I must say has to be one of the best I've had so far! Soo many treats!

So what exactly was inside?
Soooo Many Noms

Yummy Scrummy Brownie

This was soo good!! I would recommend!

Om nom nom Brownie

Provamel Cashew Milk

I have used lots of milk from provamel and have always been impressed, again this was lovely, and i like the fact it came with a recipe card! However my favourite milk will always be apro Hazlenut! Nice to try new things though!!

Spicy Thai Peanuts
I love spicy peanuts, and wow these were spicey, but also delicious, again i would buy this!

Ten Acre when Hickory got BBQ crisps

I love ten acre crisps, they are lush and its soo nice to have the meaty flavours. I took these a snack when i met a friend who is not vegan but allergic to dairy and gluten. These really excited her and she was really impressed. Very nice flavour!..NOM

Dark chocolate covered Cocomels

Now ill admit that i didnt like the cocomels last time I got them people in my office enjoyed them more, mainly as I'm not a big coconut fan, however, these were super nice with only a hint of coconut, i think the dark chocolate must have distracted me from the taste. Overall yummy

Sarelle chocolate bar

I have seen these pop up on vegan facebook groups and never got round to trying one. I was soo impressed it was like a kinder bueno mixed with a Ferro Rocher. Pure Yum!!..didn't last seconds though ha! These can be found in tesco i believe.

ichoc Choco Cookie

I think the only way i can sum this up is AMAZING..chocolate with oreos in. It was beautiful..soo tasty and a treat i would totally buy again. Very very tasty!!

So far this has been my favourite box, full to the brim of lovely treats. Great stuff! I would wholeheartedly recommend a vegan tuck box subscription.

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