Monday, 6 April 2015

A Very Vegan Easter

Aloha Vegans
Happy Easter

Now this is my very first a vegan...more challenging than christmas as this really is a chocolate themed event for most of us!..
For the last week my office has been insanely full of temptations..cream eggs, mini eggs, easter eggs, chocolate bunnies..all of this lovely yummy stuff..which in my pregan days..i would go mad for..this year however..I cant eat any of it...however..I am really proud and I have been super YAYY..go me!!..If in doubt..THINK OF THE ANIMALS!!

I cant even bring myself to watch earthlings or cowspiracy...this reminders keeps my veganisim going..if I slip..i know that i have to watch them..I dont want it keeps me going..FOR THE ANIMALS

My colleagues however have been awesome and have made sure that I can enjoy the festivities, my manager got us daffodils instead of chocolate and other members of my team searched really hard to find me vegan chocolate. These gestures mean soo much to me!

Soo Thoughtful

Good Friday

Good friday involved the longest journey ever from Huddersfield to Paddock Wood (a rural village in Kent) to see my family. I had to say bye to my kitty and get home in time to surprise my mummy for her birthday. We did a meal and my sister made kebabs.

I love my Archi soo much...she got all snug before I left!..Glad she will be on holiday soon!

7 hours later..this smile wasnt soo big! HA

Made it home in time to make my parents house look all cute for my mums birthday

Good friday started off not soo good, but ended with great company and yummy vegan foods


On the saturday I slept in until 12!! Woke up to a terrible lack of vegan food and went to meet some school friends. My bestest chummy Dev and my friend Ellie who Id not seen for a good few years. I drank soy chai latte and we had a wonderful catch up. Was also nice to know that her brother is in fact vegan ..were a growing breed!!

Chai Latte with chummies...<3 <3

Easter Sunday

I've been waiting for this day since christmas. Finally my chance to spend the day with my dad at the Harry Potter Studio tour! Now I have heard that they keep their owls in terrible condition, but we saw no animal actors on the day and just enjoyed the many attractions!
What a fantastic day!

My easter sunday started with a lovely Hotel Chocolat milk free egg from daddy rib!!

Me and my dad then set off on our adventures..i bought us matching tops..eeee

We had lunch in the cafe and although crazy expensive, i was impressed with the vegan options and had a roast veg and hummus sandwich. They also had salads and falafel burgers on offer!!

I also bought some butterbeer without the there was nothing on the internet to confirm if it was vegan. I loved the actual drink..was super sweet..but YUMMM


I flewwwwwww

Overall Harry Potter studios was AMAZING and really vegan friendly..totally would recommend!!

We got home and had chinese....rubbish picture as we were watching  film at the time (Harry Potter and the half blood prince ofcourse)! I had; sweet and sour tofu, veg spring roles, rice, chips and seaweed!
Om nom nom

This was the best easter sunday...EVER


So on the bank holiday we decided was going to be our family easter, mainly because I was at Harry Potter world yesterday.
The day started with a lovely catch up breakfast with Sarah, one of my bestest chummies. She fully embraced the vegan noms and even tried vegan bacon.
We had: Toast, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, humus, hashbrowns, rocket and an assortment of drinks, yoghurts etc. Was NOM!! Most importantly it was lovely to sit and eat with a great friend who really supports my lifestyle..YAY..good start to the day!

After breakfast I started helping my mumsy prepare for our family meal. I made lots of nice vegan foods including an avocado chocolate pudding with strawberries. You can find the recipe in another post. Everyone was really impressed with the taste!!!

I also made Vegan cauliflower/Leeks in a cheese sauce..Made from scratch with the following ingredients:

SOOO TASTY...Proud of that!!!

Nutritional yeast, flour, vegan parmesan from VX in london, Almond Milk,Violife pizza block, salt and pepper

Making the sauce, I didnt measure..i just threw it in and hoped for the best!!

I also made Vegan parsnip puree. Again..NOM
Boiled parsnips, almond milk and vitalite butter..SOO TASTY
Although they joke, my family are really starting to get used to VeganRibs and they are slowly but surely embracing my lifestyle choice!!
Even got me a vegan chocolate bunny

Heres a picture of my complete roast...HOW FIT DOES IT LOOK THOUGH!?!? 
With every meal I have, i wonder why i didnt do this years ago, why if i can eat all this amazing food do we still have to use animals...

My roast! NOM

Yummy Sausages

Pudding: Vegan choc mousse, schlagfix and fruit..NOM

Overall a fantastic easter weekend, with lots of AMAZING food
I hope that you had a lovely day.

Much Love




  1. Thanks for sharing! I wish I could host an all veggie family party. My grandma ended up bringing over pulled pork sandwiches. I was very proud of my three year old daughter for refusing and asking for peanut butter and jelly instead! :D

  2. It was mostly vegan..but my family had meat! have all vegan sides is a huge leap for my omni family!! Very happy