Monday, 13 April 2015

A Very Vegan Pizza Express

Aloha Vegan folk

I cant believe that Easter has been and gone..where is the year going? I am still having a blast during the holidays and the best part is seeing my lush friends. After a pint me and one of my long time besties decided to go for Pizza Express. On a Wednesday  its 2-4-1 which is even better as this Skint!!!

 On to the Food....


Doughballs with a tomato dip rather than the butter! Very tasty indeed!


The Pianta
Spinach, chestnut mushroom, pine kernels and artichoke on a spicy Arrabbiata base finished with rocket and extra virgin olive oil. No cheese

This pizza is SOOOOOO good and very filling. I have in the past taken my own cheese and they will put it on for you! Just make sure its new and sealed and you're good to go.
Overall a bargain of a meal at just £8 each! I would highly recommend as pizza express is a really solid choice with friends and family!
Me and Dev, one of my best friends! Pizza express is our new go to place!

So, need a cheap, tasty Vegan meal...go to Pizza Express on a Wednesday! You wont be disappointed!

Much Love



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