Monday, 13 April 2015

VeganRibs goes to Dublin

Hello My Lovelies
So on keeping with my super busy two week and my chummy Olivia went to Dublin, Ireland for a few days. This was my first time going abroad as a Vegan, it was daunting, but very exciting. I am aware that Ireland is not very far away, but to be out of your comfort zone can be a bit daunting. However, Dublin had me very well fed! The only things I struggled with really was Alcohol, however I stuck to spirits and what I knew to be Vegan. Shocked a few people I met when they found out that Guinness wasn't vegan!! I did go to the storehouse though as Olivia is huge fan of the stuff and I wanted to go to the Gravity bar as I heard that the views were amazing! Lifes all about compromise! I also made it rather well known in the place whenever I was offered some that I was vegan!
Anyways, enjoy some foody snaps, selfies and other pictures from our trip to Ireland.

This is Dublin at night..HOW PRETTY

Me and Olivia at the Gravity Bar in the brewery

Drunk picture of 1 euro chips!! A vegan staple!

The famous Temple Bar

Butlers Chocolate Café...AMAZING..This is a hot chocolate  made with dark chocolate and soy milk...beyond epic

Vegan Fry up..beans..mushrooms and hashbrowns

veg chilli, chips and salad

salad box

Every shop we went to in Dublin had these salad bars, a great go to vegan lunch!!

What we called; the posh spar, coffee shop, salad bar..epic..loads of vegan food

Lush Irish crisps and a salad baguette

we went to a local food market and they had VEGAN samosas

45mins on a plane..How epic!..

Soy milk available everywhere

Drinking diet coke in the Guinness factory!!

Vegan Veg Soup

Kale Crunchies in soo many flavours!!
Now although this horse is wearing the cutest bow. I was very upset by all the horse and carriage rides on offer everywhere. It was sad to see all these lovely animals stood on busy roads, where there are drunk people and night clubs, loud music etc. Stood for hours on end, then being forced to carry tourists around, made to trot and hard roads. I made of point of hugging all the horses and apologising to them that they are being forced to do that. :( As you can see this beauty doesn't looked chuffed with its forced slavery, long working days and annoying tourists. I hope one day this exploiatation will end. Poor things..makes me a sad and angry vegan.

Aside from the sad horses there were lots of positives to Dublin, including the Leprechaun Museum...the museum of modern art and Kilmainham Goal.

Pretty Dublin
We called it the giant poo...I will NEVER get modern art
Kilmainham Goal..the Iris prision for IRA members

Being  a leprechaun

Overall, Dublin had lots of lovely things to do, besides drinking, lots of Vegan food, but too many horses on the streets, don't use them!!!
I would whole heartedly recommend a weekend there!
Much Love


  1. Wow! It's good to know Dublin is Vegan friendly makes it a lot easier to choose where I want to go to Ireland next time! :)

    1. Oscar I was really pleasantly surprised at how easy it was...would deffo recommend!

    2. Oscar I was really pleasantly surprised at how easy it was...would deffo recommend!