Saturday, 4 April 2015

Vegfest Brighton

Aloha Vegans

I was a very lucky bunny and won some tickets to Vegfest Brighton through a facebook competition with The Vegan Approach (look em up). Since i became vegan at London Vegfest..I had to go! I wasn't disappointed!!..Here are some pictures. I went on the saturday!..

Friday: Works out..time to catch a train from hudds to kent (stopped at my parents since its on the way to Brighton)

Me and my lovely chummy Pauline arrived to one busy vegfest at the Brighton Centre. lots of stalls, lots of food! Very Exciting!!

Ate wayyy to many of these.. I LOVE GREAT FOOD FALAFEL...OMG!!

I love sailing, so really excited to see this..I will be booking a trip when I find a new job!!

Finally got to try a dees sausage..NICE

I loved this  stall, a showcase of loads of vegan foods! prove that its easy!!!!

Ms Cupcake was there..AMAZING...her cakes and cookies are the best!!

Even omni chum bought some goodies

Nice to see the green party there! Since i am a memeber! :)

The food court was insanely busy!

But the view was AWESOME

The Haul!..NOM ..soo much nice stuff

Me and Pauline having a wet, yet wonderful day in brighton!

The gloomiest day in didnt spoil my day!

 Overall I had an AWESOME day at Vegfest in Brighton. Got some great bargains and ate tooooo much food. Bring on London!!! I cant wait as it will be my year Vegan anniversary!

Much Love




  1. I just attended VegFest today too, here in Austin, TX! Such a fun event! I love all of your pictures. It's so cool to see how the events differ depending on location. And happy vegan anniversary in advance! :)

  2. oh wow, thats ace!! I love vegan festivals....i just home!..haha..

  3. I was there too, such a lovely blog post!

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