Saturday, 4 April 2015

Smart Beauty Vegan Hair dye

Aloha my lovely Vegans! 

I have been beyond useless at updating my blog..a mixture of work woes, busyness and my laptop being useless has meant I've got a backlog of blog posts that need updating!
So keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon!

This blog is about hair dye. As an avid dyer of hair I have struggled since going vegan to find something thats ethical and that works for me. I've dabbled with henna and such, but been left disappointed. After some research i found that Smart beauty offer a rainbow of vegan colours.
As I'm still teaching and trying to be professional i cant have my usual variety of bright colours, so I went for this red. I found this brand in in the uk shop savers.
Heres what i thought!

The first time i used this i went for a lighter shade.
It was easy to apply and very gentle on my hair

Pre dye!


Just incase you wanted confirmation of the veganess
The result! The pictures dont really do it justice, it made my hair a really nice shade!

Overall, I liked this dye, but I would have liked it brighter, so see the next pics!!

I tried this deeper shade...

Buzzing,,the results are great...colourful hair..with no harm to animals or can see where my natural hair colour has started to grow..but i love this colour..and im uber happy!!..YAYYY

Hello chins!!!...haha..but you can proper see the red..happy bunny indeed!

Overall I am SUPER happy with the results. Smart Beauty have a huge range of colours..and since I plan on leaving education, I am super excited to try them and get some even brighter hair!

I hope you are all well

Much Love


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