Monday, 13 April 2015

VeganRibs goes to Brighton


So as its the Easter Holidays and I've been Visiting my family In Kent, I decided that I needed to make the most of this lovely sunshine so I went to Brighton for the day. Brighton is one of my favourite places in the universe, its full of nice people, the seaside, great shopping and of course AMAZING VEGAN FINDS!!
The say started with a nice walk around the lanes and in particular the North Laines. This is one of my favourite areas in Brighton as it has some amazing shops full of quaint things and  a lovely selection of Vegan eateiries.!
I went to an awesome place called Snoopers Paradise, a brick a brac/ second hand store. A must go if you love vintage things and just looking through random stuff! They also have a photobooth and at only £3 for some cool vintage shots, Its very worth going. Even, if like me, you are a lone traveller!
My photobooth picture!
After an awesome time in snoopers paradise I went to a lovely Vegaterian/Vegan café called Wai Kika Moo Kau
Here I had a lovely spinach and chickpea burger with this amazing beetroot topping, a smoothie and some chips. I was Lovely and the best part was meeting a fellow Vegan called Elizabeth. We ended up having lunch together as we just got chatting. It was ace to meet someone soo lovely from our awesome community, share food favourites, ethical views, discuss the hardships and the benfits, share tips and in general meet someone like minded! So overall, a lovely meal with lovely company.
After a stunning meal I went to a shop called infitity foods, I did take pictures, but they are lost on my old phone. This place was HEAVEN. The had a whole fridge dedicated to different flavours of Tofu, more Vegan milk and Vegan cheese that I've ever seen and sooo many lovely organic things. If I lived in Brighton it would be my supermarket of choice! have to go if you are ever in the area!!
The North Laines
 I also went to a place called Vbites, they make a lot of vegan food and meat replaements. They have a café in Brighton and I thought it was only rigt to pop in and buy an Ice Cream. I took this and sat on the beach.

Vegan Ice Cream from Vbites
Such a lovely day. I went for a paddle and then disaster phone went for a swim in the sea. RIP phone! So I lost quite a few pictures :( but its only a phone and Im hoping that the bag of rice its sitting in is helping it revive!
I know feet freak people out..tiny pic!
To end my day I went for a little stroll up to the pavilion, to favourite shop..full of silly things and then caught the worlds longest bus back to Tunbridge Wells.
The Royal Pavillion

Yours truly soaking up the sunshine on the beach!
RIP Phone
The Pier

One happy vegan on the beach
Overall, an AMAZING day..full of  VEGAN loveliness.
Deffo head to Brighton this summer..Its ACE
Much Love


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