Saturday, 9 May 2015

Out of this world food store in Leeds

Aloha lovely Vegan folk
I hope you are all well and loving the nice new sunny weather.
This weekend I was in leeds for a meeting and on the way to the station I saw this health food shop called Out of this World
I though that it would be silly not to take a look...little did I know that I was going to enter Vegan Heaven!
It was amazing..shelves and shelves of yummy vegan finds!..Happyness ensued and I had to take lots of pictures!

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A fridge one can only dream of!

All that cheeeese!! NOM

This deli counter flled me with joy..some not vegan..but loads of fully vegan treats..I spent a fortune

My Haul! I got soo many epic treats!..

How amazing does that look...

Id seen these in soo many groups and wanted to try for ages....They were both AMAZING

That chocolate slice..was insane

Tofu Fritters

As you can was AWESOME..I loved it..and spent far to much money, however, its nice to have a treat and try new things! Overall I'm really pleased and would highly recommend a visit if in Leeds. Just be warned that its not amazingly cheap!

Much Love



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