Sunday, 1 March 2015

A very Vegan half term!

A very VEGAN half-term!

I have been useless at keeping this blog updated! Life gets in the way!!..However I am still Vegan and still loving it, still learning and still a bit crazy!
Heres my half term!

Firstly I just want to dedicate this blog to Louis. My grandads dog who died suddenly on the thursday! Unfortunatly he was a lot more poorly than anyone realised, he collapsed and didnt make it. I feel blessed and honoured that I got to take him for a walk on tuesday. Lovely boy. Missing him a lot!

R.I.P  Louis!!

me and Louis going for walkies a few days before he passed away.

On a brighter note. The half term started with a valentines curry with my favourite people in the universe. My mum and dad. Vegan curry and my parents. What more could a girl ask for!!


After a weekend in Huddersfield and a very long drive back to kent I went to breakfast with Becky. You may remember her from my snow day blog! We went to Bills..NOM

I then hopped on a bus to Maidstone and went to a Vegan Cafe called Fortify. I had a yummy hot chocolate and a round up!..Both very yummy

I also had this yummy beetroot juice drink!!!


On tuesday I woke up early to walk Louis and then I went and made my lovely grandad some tasty pancakes. Vegan obveously. Was lovely to sit and chat to him about his life in the Navy. Plus he had no idea it was pancake day!..Best breakfast!

After breakfast i went home for a huge nap in front of some crap tv on sky! (oh the luxeries of being at home) I then had to go do a job application, I chose neros and drank a really good hot chocolate!

Then Dev, my bestie came round..and we had MORE PANCAKES!!..yum


I travelled back to Huddersfield after a short trip in kent. Stopped by VX. Theres a whole blog on this! :)

I was reunited with my Kitty  and we spent the morning in bed with herbal tea and toast. Shortly after the pic was taken..she stole my toast. Cats like marmite..who knew!!

Thursday was an indoor day basically!..Hahah


On the friday I went charity shopping with Olivia and her daughter. We went and had chips and tea at the carding shed again! and then went charity shopping. A favourite activity!


Saturday was a really girly day! Me and my lovely chummies went to Ikea where i bought some new furnature :) and then went for a toby carvery. They have Excellent vegan options. I had the nut roast wellington and a ton of veg. Had to have a long nap after this bad boy!!

I then hosted a Vegan Meet up at Coffee evolution for the Huddersfield Vegans,
It was soo nice to meet other vegans, 15 of us in total. I also came back with some epic goodies!!.NO NOS <3 <3


On sunday i made an Omelette with some mixture i got at VX. It was sooo good!!

Half term was AWESOME
some epic vegan times
epic friend time
Now been back at work a week! 

so I have a Self Stick..I found this fail pic on my phone from trafalgar Square! My favourite place! Hilarious!

Much Love




  1. Next time you're Kent way please do come to one of our Invicta Vegans meet-ups - would be lovely to put a face to the blog so to speak! ;-) xx

  2. Next time you're Kent way please do come to one of our Invicta Vegans meet-ups - would be lovely to put a face to the blog so to speak! ;-) xx

  3. Hi, next time you have a Huddersfield meet up, I would really like to come! Are u on twitter? How was this organised so I can join in.

    1. if you look on facebook theres a group called huddersfield vegans and thats where all the info will be!! :)

    2. do you have a twitter? Huddersfield vegans are having a potluck on the 23rd May which you might enjoy!

  4. Loving the blog, some great recipes