Sunday, 22 November 2015

Winterfest Leeds!!

Aloha Vegans  ♡♡

Thought I would do a cheeky little post on Winterfest in Leeds!

Having been booted off our train we tried to make the
most of the queues for the bus
Winterfest is an awesome vegan festival that had over 150 stalls, talks and cookery demos in the city's town hall. Me and some of the Huddersfield Vegan crew volunteered our time to help the event run smoothly!
Our sheer joy at getting 4 seats together!!
The day started with a million..bazillion train issues that saw us manage to obtain a seat on a rail replacement bus!

It was a nightmare but we got to leeds in the end.
Childrens activity area
I was volunteering for the first 3 hours and did some door watching and  2 hours in the children's activity area, making Christmas cards and decorating vegan cookies!..yay..was so fun and I met some ace people!

After my volunteering shift finished I got to go and explore all the yummy food stalls and check out the offerings of the festival
 There was a lot there and it was ace to see the place so super busy.
For my late lunch I had mock duck and noodles. It was delicious!

Volunteering and LOVING it
I then went and chatted with a few vegan folk and found some of my hudd vegan chums and we explored the stall and ate wayyyy to many things. My highlight being vegan churros and hot chocolate sauce!

I mainly purchased cake this my 11 o clock herbal tea time will be epic this week!!

After the fair we popped to the German market which was super Christmassy but it was awful to see meat and non vegan things everywhere. The magic is lost when you see through all the pretty lights and notice that this event has caused a lot of suffering and harm to our animal Friends.

We then went and waited in a 40 minute queue for a rail replacement coach. We met nice people and I rick rolled and sang happy birthday to a random guy.

All the cake..and some chocolate..NOM
Overall it was great to volunteer at a festival and I felt that it enhanced the experience, I'll deffo be offering up my services to more vegan festivals in the future! There was a good variety of stalls and lots of great good to try. I look forward to the summer event in leeds next year! I think this particular festival was ace because I saw so many friends. I love this community so much and I love days like this that show me that the revolution is happening. I am not the only vegan and together we are a kind, compassionate and caring community!

being a carrot
40 mins in the longest queue...never been happier to see a coach!

One happy fat vegan with all the churros

German Market

Mock duck and noodles and winterfest fun

Thank you again for all the love and for reading :)

Much love




  1. Loved the fest - Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project talk was great -

  2. I didn't make it to any talks :(

  3. All in all a great day out with so much to see and do. I know I probably only took photos of half the stuff there. Even met a few fans of the legend there to so hello to anyone I spoke to.This is a great article thanks for sharing this informative information. I will visit your blog regularly for some latest post.

  4. All this reminds me of that I haven't planned for a traval for a long time.