Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Road to Damascus Huddersfield Vegan food Tasting


So me and the lovely Huddersfield Vegan group went to a mediterranean/Syrian food tasting event at a pop up shop in Huddersfield called the Road to Damascus. They sell a variety of food and offer a wide range of vegan food. The buffet we had with them was cooked by the family and included several tasty dishes (I wont embarrass myself trying to name them on here!!)
The family who cooked the food were the nicest/kindest people ever, they made us feel warm, welcome and cared for with their exceptional hospitality and amazing range of vegan dishes. I cant wait for the restaurant to open next year!!
Enjoy some pics of the lush food below:

 To conclude it was lovely to try some new syrian food with the Huddersfield Vegans.
Perfect sunday..keep your eyes peeled for when they open!

Much Love



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