Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Vegan Ribs: General foody stuff, baking, tattoos, life catch ups..

Aloha Vegans <3

So I know I have posted like a million blogs In the last day or 2, but I guess its nice to do a random one with pictures of the things i've been up to, some food porn and just some general bits and bats that don't seem to fit anywhere else.

With people leaving at work, naturally i got baking and made all the cake and cookies and brownies, whilst watching there a better combination than baking and disney? I'm not sure there is!! The end results im pretty proud of!!

Disney and Baking!

Also been finding time to relax and keep myelf busy, since i now only work 2.5 days a week..i have stupid amounts of free time to kill. Costa and a magazine has been a favourite to get myself out the flat.

Vegan Life mag and a costa...Relaxation time for me :)
I've also been making the best hot chocolates..cos its winter, its cold and this girl likes t get cosy!!

I also got a new celebrate getting a NEW JOB!! which is bloody exciting, 2 months of worry, sadness and stressing, but things have come together nicely!

and well..just losts of pics of vegan food, parents visiting, cocktails..and happy fun times!.A month ago..I was so deeply sad, Im really happy that life seems to be on the up again!!!

Extra time off means more time for making Kale and Quinoa based foods..

Had a cheeky trip to the Global Tribe Cafe in leeds following a job interview and the successful completion of my Christmas Shopping! I had this epic burger..OMG IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD
Another hight of single has been reached. I discovered CAT that has been written by scientists for cats...Archi loves it, she has been so relaxed by listening to calming kitty music in bed. I quite like it too!!

All the veg

Quotes from Global Tribe place mats

Quorn Burgers..HELLO

2-4-1 Cocktails..VEGAN at Turtle Bay in Hudds

Mum and dad came to vsit and we went to cannon hall which was lovely!

Im so ginger atm..but my hair has been freshly cut!!

Cheers for reading peeps!! :)

Much Love

Vegan Ribs


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