Wednesday, 18 November 2015

VeganRibs goes to Brussels

Aloha Vegan Folks

So, ive been a very busy bunny, lots of changes, goodbyes and hellos exchanged in both my professional and personal life. Lots of great times and lots of not so lovely times, job interviews, setbacks and much more. Similarly my some of friends have also been going through their own series of unfortunate events so we decided that we should just get away...go be ourselfs, leave pressures behind and go on an adventure.

On November 1st Rachey and Lisa turned up at 9 am, having driven from Newcastle and picked me up for our adventure. I took my vegan passport, my passport, forgot my toothbrush, remembered my selfie stick and a huge bag of vegan goodies to keep us going on the trip.

The adventure began, lots of driving, lots of singing, lots of stopping to charge phones and eventually we made it to the euro tunnel! Literally driving on to a train was one of the wierest experiences, and also a rather unsettling one... 'were in a car, in a train, in a tunnel, under the sea...SHIT...

Cue Anxiety relieving oreos:

We arrived in France, stopped at Mc Donalds ( Yeah I Know..a vegan in Maccy D's..hilarious thought :/ ) charged our phones, ate some chips and drove to Brussels..the E40..the longest road ever!!! Haha arrived at our air B and B which was LUSH and quickly proceeded to drink the vegan friendly wine i bought with me. We made it..and we were in a different country!! we proceeded to go and have several beverages in Grand Place and put all our problems and the world problems to rights...It was during this time, under the influence of course that i realised that i could speak a bit of french. I got over confident and ordered food haha..So below is druken falafel...with no it was good!!! also..from this experience Im now learning to speak french...hahahah

The next day we went for breakfast and I found Vegan happy bunny...the classic hummus and veg, but it deffo helped to fill a need!!..We went shopping and i bought lots of dark chocolate and  cat bowl for wrapped to!! haha and we had just a lovely day.
At around 2 we got back in the car and made the longest journey back to Newcastle.
Was a great trip, full of great healing conversations, lots of wine, good company, adventure and so much dark chocolate. Id totally recommend a cheeky visit to Brussels, lovely people, and as a vegan i managed to find falafel and vegan sarnies! You will be fed and you will have the best time.

I have to thank my chummy Rachey for driving and basically being all types of kind with the trip.what a legend..I  Love her!! I came back feeling like myself again, knowing that its ok to cry when your sad and also knowing that adventure is never far away. I also came back to a job interview..

Much Love

Vegan Ribs xxx

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