Monday, 19 October 2015

Huddersfield Vegans Pizza Party

Aloha Vegan lovelies <3

I'm on my blogging game tonight!! So recently Huddersfield Vegans had a pizza party and my favourite bar in town: Bar Maroc. Which by its title, I'm sure you can guess, is a cheeky marocan Bar Hidden above a club in Huddersfield. This bar is cosy, dark, smells like incense sticks, has the nicest staff and the rooftop terrace, which in the summer is my favourite place to be. They also have blankets..I love blankets.
I visited Maroc in the summer and assumed that their bases were Vegan, I since found out that they were'nt and myself and some other vegans requested that they are. Now they serve all their pizza on a vegan base and offer Vegan cheese!! A complete win for the Vegans of Huddersfield and a great gesture from Bar Maroc.

The pizzas they do is beyond tasty and is one of the best places to eat in town. Vegan pizza night has become a monthly event for the Huddersfield Vegans and its lush. This month we have 30 people attend from all ages/backgrounds, some people vegan, some just curious. Overall a lovely event to chill, eat good food and meet other vegans. Below are some pics I took of the event!

Overall a fab event and a great chance to look at the future of the group, we took some ideas and Im excited, as are others about the potential fun we can have as a collective group. Its lovely to spend time with like minded people, make friends and just have fun! Its exciting times for the Huddersfield Vegans so watch space. Also you can follow us on twitter @Huddvegans :)
Our next pizza party at Bar Maroc will be November the 9th! Hope to see some new faces there :)

Much Love

Vegan Ribs

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