Friday, 2 October 2015

Long time..No Blog.....A very Vegan Summer...updates

Aloha Vegans

Yes Yes Yes..I have been a massive fail of a person, not looking after my beloved blog..since July! (Bows head in shame).
The truth is that life has taken over, being vegan has just become life now if you get me. Ive not discovered anything new and amazing, its just life. Being Vegan is just so much simpler that it was when I first started!

So heres the summer in a nutshell....

I have turned 25 and my parents sent me the cutest pink vegan cake..delivered t my door as a surprise...i may have done a little cry! I also went pottery painting with my chummys and i got taken to Las Iguanas a surprise for my birthday lunch..the had a VEGAN MENU...was so nice..MY FRIENDS ARE EPIC.
I also got my nose pierced ..because..why not Im 25!

I also attended the wedding of one my dearest friends this summer. Catherine, who was my childhood chummy got married to the lovely Ryan, she looked stunning.. I had a Lindybop dress and there was vegan food and VEGAN to say I indulged!!

Nom tastic Vegan food at a wedding..with VEGAN WINE..

Me looking all summery!

I also got more vegan ink this summer. A treble clef and a crotchet behind my ear, because anyone who knows me..knows that i always have music on..if im not playing or listening to it..i'm singing it!
And a semi-colon with a heart to represent my anxiety and how the ones I love are always there for me when times get tough! The semi colon project is also a national initiative to spread mental health awareness.

New Vegan Ink

What else have I been up to this summer...hmmmm...
I spent a week in Kent catching up with everyone, went to Bletchly Park..if you've seen the imitation game and are a geek like moir you'll understand awesome that is!
I also went and caught up with friends, family, ate good food and even went to the seaside. It was perfect!! Summer seemed to pass me in the blink of an eye this year. I think its because I'd started the new dream job and put much of my energy into it!

Seaside fun with my dad

Bletchly Park

Dev time <3

Catching up with Ellie

Fun times with Becky

So to conclude the Summer..WAS AWESOME..I'm very lucky to be surrounded by such epic people and to have had so much fun, both in work and outside of it. Visits to Kent, meals out, trips, simply watching tv in PJs for a day. All of these things make me SUCH a blessed human being!
I've enjoyed all the fun vegan food too:


Bar Maroc Vegan pizza

Me and the kitty <3
Vegan Mac and Cheese

Ive upped my sushi game!!

So most of this post has been full of positivity, and it was lush to write such nice happy things, but from the summer came autumn and with that came bad news.
The dreaded word everyone hates in the third sector:
My dream job...will become half time soon...which basically means that i have to search for another job. :( :(

Its been quite frankly SHIT...I love what I do, but its time to find another job friends again have been by my side this week, bringing me vegan chocolate and wine! (what top chummies) and now its back to the job hunt!
I've dyed my hair a more conservative Red colour for interviews and such, ive been finding my way back to meditation and just trying to focus negative energy into something vaguely positive.
Chin up ribs...I'm sure it will be ok! the mean time..i have stuff to look forward to...Mallory knox and Vegfest next week...there will be a MASSIVE blog post and maybe even a cheeky YouTube video!

Thanks for reading beautiful people!

Peace out vegan lovelies

Vegan Ribs


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