Monday, 19 October 2015

London Vegfest 2015

Aloha Vegans

1 year on and I went to the place it all started for me!! Vegfest 2015 WAS AMAZING. So many nice things to eat, soooo many people, so many great things to buy and in general a jolly good time with a chummy. 
I left Huddersfield on the friday morning and went to Camden for a chiller on the friday, saw an epic sunset then met my sister, brother in law and a friend to see one of my favourite bands ever. Mallory Knox. 

Some good vegan options in Camden


Ok so now Mallory Loving is out the way..On to VEGEST <3 <3 <3 <3

The day started with a tired me hopping on a train in Kent with my dad to go to london. I arrived at Olympia and could'nt believe what i saw when i got out the tube station..THE BIGGEST QUEUE EVER

My friend Becky was still on her way so I went glad I arrived early as it meant that I could browse before it got toooo crazy!! So many good sellers there and Organisations. The first thing I had was a red velvet Ms Cupcake. It was beyond beautiful..I cant even explain! I ended up eating it in the queue outside which I had to rejoin when my chummy arrived!

Me and bex in the BIGGEST QUEUE
We then ended up browsing, looking at all the stalls and just taking it all in. There was a lot to take in!! It was honestly amazing. Although the queues and the busyness was a pain, it was also exciting to see how much the event had grown since last year and how big veganism has become in just that short time. I made a consious effort to go the veganuary stand, this is where the journey began for me last year. It was speaking to Clea and taking up the vegan january challange that has gotten me a whole year Vegan. When I met her last year, I had no idea that her encouragement and practical approach to veganism would have such a lasting impact. We naturally had a hug and a selfie and I am so greatful that I got to say a massive thank you to Clea and the Veganuary team! 

Clea and I..This lovely lady encouraged me to go Vegan!! THANK YOUUUUUU

For lunch my aim was to find the shortest queue..that was a challenge, lots of hungry vegans and so much choice. Luckily I found some lovely street style food and went for  some curry..cant ever go wrong with curry!!

one of my favourite stall was the All glamour no guts stall... they sold vegan accessories and apparel..and its all beautiful! I bought this necklace and I'm in love with it. I've decided that I'm NEVER taking it off!! ha

Something AMAZING also happened...I met one of my IDOLS...a true Vegan hero.. TIMOTHY SHIEFF...he is an amazing athlete, youtuber and just a generally lovely human being who is full of compassion and the highest morals. I love it. He was the nicest person, we chatted, i was awesome..I just need to get a Nagev top :) :) (His clothing line ethics and antics..check em out)

Me and Tim Shieff!!!!!!

There was a lot more stalls, food samples and a lot of money spent (not god for my looming unemployment) but i figured hey..when in rome...haha so below is my haul. I have tried a few of the products now, the veganaise is the best thing damn good..the falafel is a standard purchase and the Tofurky products are awesome. I also joined the vegan society :) :)

The best haul everrrr

Overall Vegfest 2015 was awesome. I got some great food, met some amazing people and in general had a good time. there were however some of the ost epic queues I've ever seen and at times the busyness of it all got a bit much. There were also some issues with some stallholders such as GOSSH were there, yet the fund animal testing and also the Primal pantry were promoting the eating of animals and Diary on their literature. Those were epic fails on Vegfests part, but they delt with it well. As for the queues, i'm happy veganisim is growing, but clearly..a bigger venue is needed.
Overal vegfest was amazing!! Bring on brighton!!

Much Love

Vegan Ribs


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