Saturday, 9 May 2015

VeganRibs: Food, hair, family time, life updates, more food

Cocktails with my family <3
Aloha Vegans
I am terrible at keeping my blog up to date.. and I am going to try and be wayy more on it! Might even start youtubing soon!!
So Life in general has been crazy busy..i mean to be fair, when isn't it crazy busy!
Anyways thought id do a few life updates and then just loads of food pics..

So new things:

I now have TWO vegan tattoos
I will be starting a new job in June as a Youth Worker..YAY
I have PINK hair
I have learnt to make the BEST COOKIES
Vegan food is Hard to find at Alton towers
The election results made me very sad
I still LOVE vegan life..and its getting easier and easier!

Now then pictures of the last month..with all my vegan living and happiness and such..oh and food

Pink Hair :D

Election ..cast my vote..full of sads at the result

My new addiction!!..SOO GOOD

Pizza after a night out..which i added vegusto to...

My friends are so perfect..they provide me with colins



Vegan Hair Dyes

Vegan mexican feast

Games night with my girls..Lots of vegan snacks..theyre all soo supportive

New Ink

Experiment..home made potato cakes..deep friend tofu and veg tempura in a home made satay sauce

I am he queen of cookie making..recipe on its way

Alton towers food..Panini and Chips..this took lots of conversations to get....its basically bread and chips

One of my girlies made me an amazing chilli with a pesto on top

Home made curry

Massive pie loving

My new tattoo..literally after it had been done..looking sore ..feet are gross

Searching for inspiration

Finally got to try an Amys breakfast sandwich...SOO DAMN GOOD

Hot veg salad..nomm

During break time my students drew a picture of me...legends!!

Overall the last month has been soo busy and so full of exciting things. I am LOVING vegan just gets better and better. Lots of new adventures ahead!!

Much Love



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