Monday, 25 May 2015

Huddersfield Vegans Potluck

 Vegan Potluck!!

Aloha Vegans!

This weekend I had the pleasure of joining the Huddersfield Vegans for a potluck. A potluck is basically where a group meet up , everyone brings a dish and you get to try lots of new foods and share recipes. It was my first time attending a potluck and I left feeling full and Inspired.
In total there were 10 of us which i think is fab for our first event of this type. Everyone who attended had a really great time and i was lush to try new foods and get some new ideas.

Above you can see a picture of the group, as you can see it was a great mixture of people, ages and we all go along wonderfully! 

Chrissy, who is an all round legend and the the wonderful organiser of the event also bought some top notch goodies from vegan tuck box to try and buy also!!

I bought all of these wonderful goodies:

For the potluck itself my contribution was home made sushi and some tofu sticks from the oriential superstore in town! I must say I was really proud of my presentation also! Many compliments!!

While I was there I had a full plate of goodies:

Pie, curry,  eggplant rice, beans..NOM
Pudding  I had cinnamon swirls, crumble and some cookies

Overall I left super full!

Below are more detail pictures of some of the dishes which people bought to the meal.

overall it was a great event. As a group we have planned even more activities and hope to grow in numbers!

Thanks for reading!

Much Love




  1. aww! that stuff looks so good! i've been dying to go to a vegan potluck since i first heard about them. c:

    1. Its soo much fun
      Just see if theres a group in your local area and get organising :)