Saturday, 9 May 2015

VeganRibs dyes her hair Pink!

Aloha Vegans

I hope you are all well and happy! :) 
Since i was about 16 I have constantly changed the colour of my hair as I just love being bright! I have had pretty much every colour of the rainbow, but my favourite will always be pink! Since I've been teaching/Training to teach over the last 2 years I've had to repress this part of me..and it has sucked..I just want silly hair!!! I am now leaving education as  finally the opportunity to start my dream job as a full time youth worker for a charity has happened! Im sure I will go back into teaching in the future as I have really enjoyed it..but right now..I know that youth work is the right place to be.
This means that I can be a bit more I bought the dye and here we are. 

After a really shocking election result I needed a pick me what better way than to dye my hair pink..

When going vegan i never even thought that it would effect i spent a while doing some research about what products to use.

I found that crazy colors..the dye i had always been using was Vegan..someone in a group shared the email from a company..I was BUZZING.. The final question was the bleach!..Smart Beauty, found in my local savers store was the answer, they state their vegan and cruelty free status on their website.

Heres the results:

Pre Dye

Mixing the smart beauty blonde

Bag on the head

Post bleach ginger!..i i wanted to be fully blonde i would need 2 goes i think, but its not great for your barnet!

The Results!! Lovely bright pink!..I also got a hair cut after i had it dyed 

The products I used..Crazy Colors cyclamen and Smart beauty bleach. The hot purple was a bit creamy and didnt really take!!
Overall I am super happy with the hair is a lush pink!! And it was an entirely cruelty free process..Winning

Much Love