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VeganRibs goes to Amsterdam!

Aloha Vegans

As per usual i have been beyond useless at keeping my blog updated!! Been uber busy leaving my old job, starting a new one, travelling etc, so many apologies. 

When i left my old job I decided that I would treat myself to a week off before joining my team, I figured that going away was a must, so very last minute me and my friend Pauline booked a return ferry to Holland. I have always wanted to go to Amsterdam, for the Anne Frank house and to see some of the different culture. Amsterdam is the kind of place where anything goes. Its a very hedonistic place and the peoples laid back attitude is infectious. As well as the coffee sops, sex museum and red light district, Amsterdam boasts beautiful architecture, great food, a great environmental awareness and great history. Overall it was an amazing place and one I will definately be returning to. 

I guess the main question is how vegan friendly was my trip? Ill start with the ferry. We went with P &O on a Hull to Rotterdam mini cruise. For the outward journey we decided to take our own food as we had heard that food on the boat was going to be expensive. So i took some epic vegan snacks, hummus, the lot! We also went and looked at what was on offer. In the coffee shop the only vegan find was some crisps..ironically from kent, which is where i grew up! Whilst on the ferry we also enjoyed some cheesy entertainment, some bulmers pair cider (yep..vegan!) and just generally being silly before we arrived in the 'Dam'.

Enjoying the Ferry

Being a grown up as always!!

Disappointing vegan options

So after the overnight ferry we arrived in Amsterdam. We headed straight to a cafe as I was soo hungry, my picnic was lush the night before, but nothing beats a hot meal at tea time.
We found this cute bagel shop and i got a salad bagel with guacamole and a massive bowl of chips..NOM.

We then went and found our hostel and went for an explore of the 'Dam'. Our first visit was to the iconic I AMSTERDAM sign. This is just outside of the Rijksmuseum. 

R for RIBS!!..Yes i am aware that my dress is caught in my bag..damn it!!

There were also loads of cute miffys outside the museum!

Me and Pauline outside the museum loving Amsterdam!

After lots of walking about, posing for pictures etc we found this veggie food van and i got the yummiest tofu dog! NOM NOM NOM

We then went and had a nice wander around Amsterdam and saw soo many bikes..honestly the bikes are scary..and you always feel in the way haha!!


Amsterdam is such a beautiful city

We then visited the Anne Frank museum. A top visit if youre in amsterdam. Huge travel tip: make sure you book before you go. I am sooooooo glad we did as some people were queueing for 3 hours!!!

The Anne Frank house was extremly emotive and the familys story is so touching. Having read the book as a child it was amazing to be in the attic and to see the actual journal. The house leads you through the story and was in general fantastic. I would recommend.

The home where Anne and her family hid from the Nazis in WW2
After the Anne Frank tour we went in to the centre of Amsterdam and had a good wander around. We went and found some tea, which to my surprise was super easy. Turns out the dutch love falafel. It was on offer everywhere..YUMMMMM
We also went for a walk around the red light district , went to the sex museum and then collapsed in bed in he hostel after a busy day being a tourist!

Day 2:

I woke up at around 10 and went to source breakfast in our hostel.This was a massive fail..NO VEGAN OPTIONS :(..i had bread...note to self.. dont pay for breakfast when you book a room..because it was a complete waste of money!

Hostel Breakfast FAIL

We spent much of the day wandering round the shops, had more falafel and also went on a canal tour! It was ace, nice and chilled and a lovely way to spend the day. The sun wasnt out to play and it seemed like a nice thing to do and a way to see more of the city.I also found a little vegan shop called Vega- Life and bought a really awesome bag, this was made by an artist and a one love! Whilst there I bumped into two youtubers Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart. They are HUGE youtubers in the UK and it was nice to chat to them while they were on holiday. Also Niomi has a vegan diet so i directed them to the vegan shop! After the boat tour we got boarded the ferry and headed for home!

Vega-Life Amsterdam

randomly meeting Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart!!

Maoz..Its on the main street from Centraal station..totes recommend

falafel heaven..check out all that salad!!!!

My purchases from Vega-Life..i decided to get the Vegan Passport. It basically has a statement about what being a vegan is so that in a restaurant you can order has it in almost every language..hopefully the more i travel the more useful it will become!

My lovely bag <3 and some goodies from Vega-Life

On the ferry we were exhausted and decided to check out the buffet. They were helpful and found me some vegan options. But brace yourself...for a was £21..INSANE..but we upgraded and paid £26 for breakfast to be included.....MADNESSS..but as a captive, hungry audience member i paid it.
The food was ok and like I said they had vegan options.
A random mix of Salad bar, curry and veg from the buffet on the ferry! £21..RIP OFFFF

Veggie breakfast..beans, mushrooms, hash browns and toast!

Amsterdam was AMAZING. I loved the chilled out vibes, the friendly people and how easy it was to get falafel! I would totally recommend visiting!

I wonder where my next vegan adventure will be!

Thanks for reading this insanely long post!

Much Love



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