Friday, 10 July 2015

VeganRibs: Halifax, Austerity,food, London and more!!!

Aloha Vegans

I really apologize for being a rubbish blogger! I have been soo busy starting my new job and my new exciting adventure that I have just not had time to Blog!..Terrible!
But ALAS..I am here, with the usual food pictures!
Sit back, relax and enjoy some nice vegan food that I've been chomping on, some purchases and general things I've been upto whilst living my lush Vegan life!

So the joy of starting a new job in a new town is that I have managed to find some nifty spots to get food during my lunch break! The first place i found is a cafe called Gingers in Halifax. Its a vegetarian cafe but it does a lot of great vegan food..and the BEST cake ever!! Its also really nicely priced! Below is a picture of a beetroot stew with veggies:

 Below gingers (the restaurant)  is a health food shop where i found this new violife parmasan. It is very strong stuff, but really good on pasta.

There is also a lush Thai corner place in the market hall and they make fresh noodles in front of you and they are INSANE...soo good!

 In my new chop we are lucky enough to have a cafe and they have a milk steamer, which I use in soy milk and make the BEST chai latte!!

Its starting to get super warm in the office!..I've just got a fan and have been LIVING off these tesco ice creams..EPIC

Amidst the craziness of getting a new job I also went to London and Kent for a weekend to join the austerity march and visit my sister for her 30th!

Me and my Uncle protesting!

It was an EPIC event. Seeing that many people come together to march for change. Nice to know that you're not alone in your lefty liberal views. I always find marches super inspiring!

Whilst in London I also visited my favorite shop Vx or Vegan Cross and did some serious damage to my bank account. Their food is just epic. I got soo much stuff:

My sister had a 30th BBQ which was lovely! I spent the whole time defending veganism to her friends but it was lush to see my family!

Other things I've been upto include;

Making many cakes to wow my choir and my colleagues!

Cat Loving.....

Spending time with Chummies

and Cooking....

All in all its been an epic month, new jobs, new food, family time, marching around london, cooking, cats and much much more! 

Thanks for reading

Much Love


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