Thursday, 7 July 2016

VeganRibs gets taken to C-A-L-F cafe in Scarborough

Aloha Vegan Friends......

Again I've been all level of useless at blogging..but in general life is awesome. So in June I  had a week of British holiday fun. It started in Somerset with my chummies and then got taken to Scarbrough by my lush partner. Whilst there he took me to c-a-l-f cafe for some epic vegan noms. The place is just fantastic, a 100% vegan menu, beautifully  decorated, friendly staff and so many wonderful items of clothing/food/accessories to buy.

The menu was great and I was struggling to choose but I went for a lovely burger. It did not disappoint :)
the menu, also loads of specials

Epic vegan burger OMG

Me and Sean in our Vegan Hoddies..Seans said Meat is Murder and mine 'All life is Equal'
This is one of the cutest things EVER... He does treat me well!! <3 <3

some of the best chocolate cake ever <3

So if you're in Scarbrough having a jolly at the seaside, check out CALF for some awesome threads and some epic food!!

Much Love

Vegan Ribs


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