Thursday, 7 July 2016

VeganRibs goes to Zizzis

Aloha Vegan Cutie Pies

I've had a backlog of posts to put up on here, but just been such a busy avocado..anyways, for anyone who hast tried it..ZiZzis now has a vegan menu. Which includes Pizzzzaaaaa. I went with my partner for tea and the food was really nice (as was the gin..) but overall very expensive for what it was. I am spoilt in Huddersfield with Bar Maroc pizza for like a fiver, but it is nice to know that I can go eat at other places with my non vegan chummies. Plus the toppings are really diverse. I had chutney, butternut squash and mushrooms, om to the nom.
The vegan cheese was nice, but more like a white sauce, good effort for making that an option though. I do prefer violife on my pizza, but again, its nice to have this option on the high street!!

So I would recommend, especially if you are a taste card user as you can get 2-4-1 (again found this out after ha)

Heres a picture of foods, gin and peak at the menu...

Oh to add, they also have VEGAN WINE....

for more info and the full HERE FOR THE NOMS

Hope its Helpful

Much love

Vegan Ribs


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