Monday, 9 May 2016

When people don't understand the word VEGAN

Aloha my beautiful vegan friends

So today was a frigging hard day to be vegan. It was a very big birthday for a family member and their choice of restaurant was a portugease place that mainly served steak. I went with low expectations, anxiety and dread. And to be honest I was not wrong. I got served crab as a starter. They said it was meat and dairy free. I wanted to cry when that was put in front of me. I asked for an alternative starter.  I got given a bowl with spinach in. I was shocked that this was even considered family laughed..that's what you get for being fussy..I wanted the earth to swollow me up.

As you can imagine I dreaded my mains. I was angry and trying to laugh through it..but ultimately I was extremely upset that this was my dining experience and that everyone found it funny.

However, I think the waiter gathered my sher shock and upped the game slightly for my main course. I had veg and rice. Still not a great meal for the price..but Atleast it wasn't a bowl of blooming spinach..that was until they came out with more of the stuff to add to my plate. Atleast this time it wasn't crab..but still..I must've said...I ONLY EAT PLANTS about 15 times.

Dessert was fruit salad..which was nice enough.  But overall I left the meal feeling upset and angry, 1. Because people found my struggle funny and 2. The lack of understanding of a plant based diet. I'm hoping that if anything the restaurant has learnt that they need to cater to all lifestyle and dietary needs.
The meal ultimately wasn't about was about a person I love dearly celebrating their birthday so I kinda put up with it, however I still don't think it's acceptable on any level to serve a bowl of spinach as a starter. To conclude though..

Tonight was a bloody hard night to be a vegan. ..

Hopefully next time we go for a meal I can either be anti social and bring my own food..or the place will make me a good meal.
I'm not letting this crappy experience stop me from being vegan. It's a inconvenience for me..but the slaughter of a beautiful cow for a greedy steak in someone's face, is a bigger, much worse price to pay and if it means I have the odd shit meal..then so be it. I didn't hurt a cow..I didn't partake in a cycle of death,pain or suffering and I hopefully made a restaurant slightly less ignorant.

Keep fighting the good fight vegans

Much love




  1. Eating out is fraught with hazards for vegans. You have to ask so many questions and sometimes put faith in the waiters. Things are getting better now but it is easy to be vegan when cooking at home. My biggest problem is those hidden ingredients and the cooking fats.

  2. its a right nightmare, but one has to go out and these places need to be more accomedating. Its awful feeling like a massive inconvience around your family and such. Luckily up north where i live ( this experience was in kent) theres soo many places to eat vegan