Monday, 9 May 2016

Dating and veganism

Aloha Vegans

Today's blog has a slightly different tone..I'm actually going to discuss something! Shocking I know as this blog mainly consists of life updates, festivals and food porn!  Hah I've been thinking about this topic for a while.
So until nowish I've been single for around 2 years, before then I came out of a long term relationship with an Omni (who randomly did veganism for a few weeks when we split up??) ..he ate meat..I was veggie. ..we ate some meals together but mostly cooked our meals separately. It was never an issue. .he would order chicken curry, I'd order veg, it worked and was never really something I particularly thought about. The simplicity of being vegetarian kinda never made me stop and reflect or really see his omni ways as a problem. It was sub meat for just sort of was hassle..but it worked. We split up in the end (not due to diet..other reasons ha) and about 6 months later I became a legend of a vegan. I changed my entire purpose of being, my hobbies, my washing powder and ultimately my friendship groups. I put my life into the vegan community, a very welcome distraction from being sad about stuff..a new support network and ultimately doing something possitive. Veganism took over my life in a very positive  (slightly preachy at times) way. I didn't even think about dating..i was busy..vegan life was everything.

Last year I felt that I was ready to date again, having spent a lot of time alone, throwing myself into vegan life and jobs and partying I finally started looking for some sort of relationship . I dated omni guys and it was strange, it affected me, I sat with people as they chewed on flesh and cheese and then I'd kiss them and I just thought..ewww..this is awful. The guys I dated did try embrace it, one guy even learnt how to make vegan brownies from this blog for his work colleagues, that was sweet. However i still had stupidly long conversations with guys about why I was vegan, why I chose to live my life how I do. Questioning me, saying bacon, telling me how they would never do it, why I wouldn't make a difference and taking me on dates to nandos.
 I figured after a while that the importance of my lifestyle stretched to every aspect of my being, including dating. I took a brake..I left the game and decided that a nice vegan guy didn't exist. I went on vegan dating sites. .Fb groups..did the lot. .not one vegan out there for me. I guess I really cut down the guys I could date. ..I was now one of those folk who had to date someone who understood and thought like me...who didnt judge me or immediately call me fussy or an inconvienience. So low and behold..I gave up on dating all together.

A few weeks ago however. .I decided to use some apps for dating, I felt settled in my job, my labyrinthitus was a lot better and I really felt the gap of not having someone. I decided to be open in my search, soon as I mentioned the dirty v Word I would immediately feel embarrassed an ultimately like a preachy vegan...but i felt that it had to be said.
Randomly one night I swiped right on a cute bearded guy. ..he was a Veggy. .his Facebook cover pic included a line of chocolate soya milk cartons and I swooned. Turns out he grew up vegan. .but now eats some cheese. Not vegan..but deffo not an Omni.  He didn't judge me..didn't make bacon jokes and proceeded to share his love of falafel and hummus with me. Cooking food became easy..ordering takeout became easy and for once I am with someone who respects my views and my lifestyle.
He eats vegan with me and it's epic. I never thought I'd date someone who didn't panic about it..who actually suggests places I can eat, what booze I can get hammered on and who brings me tofu when I'm Hungover. Yes he's not vegan fully..but he gets it and that is lush. I am lucky..and for the first time in 2 years not single.
Dating as a vegan has been a challenge. .people sending me shit On tinder for it..people taking me to chicken restaurants..but finally I've met someone who cooks me nutroast. What I'm trying to say is...that dating is hard. .but..if I can get lucky and meet someone supportive. .then..the world is your avaccado. ..nice people exist. .and when you find's epic!!

Much love



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