Sunday, 7 June 2015

VeganRibs goes to NEVFest and Newcastle!

Aloha Vegans

I have had the pleasure of going to another Vegan festival, this time in Sunderland. My wonderful chummy Rachel invited me to go and we had a fab time. I also got to visit some of the beautiful beaches and the angel of the north. So much fun was had being a tourist. Rachey is just pure awesome, she was bought up a vegan and totally understands my lifestyle and why I do it. Its great to be in the company of a likeminded individual who doesn't judge you for you lifestyle choices. Also, she is just the nicest, loveliest person.

So i arrived in newcastle and we drove to Nevfest. The north east vegan festival at the stadium of light in Sunderland. It was £2 o get in..bargain and there were 3 floors. The first one being stall and food, childrens activities on the second floor and workshops at the top. We had a little explore of all the floors but spent most of the time looking at the stalls. I tried some lush foods and ended up buying some cheese, cupcakes and wine! We also saw some live music.
Overall it was a lovely event. Lots of nice food, people, music, charities.

Me and Rachey bought these goodies..the tastiest cakes and some lush vegan Rose wine!! NOM NOM NOM

After the vegan festival we went to the Angel of the North. Id never been and it was cool to see such a landmark!

Me and Rachey at the angel!

After a qucik picture at the angel of the north we went and ate pasta at racheys and chilled out with her adorable kitties. We then went to see some of the beautiful seaside. We even saw some seals on St Marys Island.
spot the seals!

Lighthouse on st marys island!

Rachey litter picking!!! what a babe

Newcastle is so beautiful. We went to the beach and enjoyed a cider and a doughnut from co op. It was so beautiful. We then spent the evening chilled out with her lovely partner and kittys.

The next morning we  went on the hunt for vegan breakfast. There was a cafe called sky apple that rachey was despirate for us to go to, but it was closed. So we went to a place called the butterfuly cabint and had the sexiest vegan burgers.

Soo much food

Overall i had a lush stay in newcastle. The festival was really nice, fun vibes and great food. The beachers were ace as was the company.


Much Love



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