Sunday, 1 March 2015

Vegan Pop Tart Recipe

Vegan Pop Tarts

A treat I ws jealous of as a veggie and still craved as a vegan. I saw a really simple recipe online and decided to be even lazier! I used shop bought shortcrust pastry! I know Id be scored down if I was on Come Dine With me, but hey, sometimes..its OK to be LAZY!!


Short Crust Pastry mix Or Pre Made pastry
Or make your own!
Frozen summer berries
Icing Sugar

Make the pastry

Cut into squares!

Excuse my dirty hob! Boil your berries with some sugar

Put the berries between two pieces of shortcrust pastry, cook! Once the pastry is cooked leave to cool then cover in icing and sprinkles!

I apologise for how many of these you will consume
Thyre soo good

Much Love



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