Saturday, 26 March 2016

Guess who's back..tell a friend!

Aloha Beautiful Vegans

I haven't blogged since the start of year, and now its blooming Easter weekend!! Time has flown this year and so much has happened, making blogging low on the priority list, plus the lack of a working laptop has really made blogging an impossibility. But hey..I'M BACK ON IT.....soo YAYYY..and now I intend to do some more videos too..again no working laptop made that tres difficult!

So where are we at...Its the end of march, Easter weekend, and I'm just revisiting all the things that one has been up to. I have had labyrinths, that sucked, started a new job, which is bloody awesome..found my niche i think, woo!! I've done soo much with the hudds vegans including a vegfest, Ive become an auntie and life in general is going lovely :). So onto the vegan stuff...

Becoming an auntie!!

On the 28th January Marlo Betty arrived. The most beautiful, perfect little girl. I am madly in love with her and cant wait to take her on adventures, have lots of fun!! <3 <3 <3

Brighton Vegfest:

So this years vegfest has been my absolute favourite so far. Was a beautiful day in Brighton with my wonderful chummy Linn Boo. We got the forever bus from sunny tunbridge wells, where we met Jordan and just had a fantastic day, on the beach, eating food, meeting Tim Shieff and making vegan friends :). there was a great variety of stalls, loads of space to eat, shop and in general it was a wonderful day out! :)

Huddersfield gets a vegan cafe!!!

So, we hit the jackpot in Huddersfield, from literally nowhere, a Vegan Cafe opened!! Called Goat
(Totally check them out on facebook/twitter) The people who run it are completely lush, the cafe is quirky, cute and the food is literally the best cake ever!! So yup I am buzzing, the whole vegan community in Huddersfield are!!

Huddersfield Vegan Fun

As per usual i have had soo much fun with my Huddersfield Vegan crew :)

Curry Nights, Pub quiz, Harry potter fun, pizza nights, trips to Toby carvery. I literally love this bunch of people so much <3 The group is growing and growing and I couldn't be more proud to be part of it :)

 General Fun/Happy times..

I been having a heap load of fun!!

Making myself look and feel good
Times with the bestie

choir fun!
Manchester with hudds vegans
Cat cafe and newcastle with rachey

Cooking a mothers day brunch

Wagamamas with the girlies

Save our A and E rally

Fun times with my family
The  Used with Rachey

 So in general, things are full of sunshine, and its such a relief to be able to say that, that for once in my life things seem to be going really well. I have epic friends, soo much vegan love in my life,  a lush job, and beautiful new niece and in general a much more positive outlook! I'm feeling really happy atm! yayyy

Catch you soon beautiful people!

Much Love



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