Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year...Happy Birthday blog.....Happy VEGANUARYYYY

Aloha Vegans


Yes Im impressed, but im still here, like a year on and still so in love with Vegan life and everything the community has to offer :) Ive made the best friends through my Huddersfield Vegan group and been involved in some AMAZING stuff.
So i shall start the blog  off with some pictures of Hudd Vegan xmas party which was just lovely, we had food, we had drinkies and gifts were exchanged...wooo

Was bloody lovely, im so proud and honoured to be involved with a group of lovely people <3

I also met santa on another night out..just thought id add this cos it made me giggle :)

The MOST important and best part of christmas for me, is spending time with my family. I love living in yorkshire, but i do miss that crazy bunch, even when I go home to visit, I dont get to see them all, so having my family in one room is the best gift of all.

This year Fraz, my brother in law cooked me dinner :)..well everyone, but he made me a lush vegan dinner..i had a nut roast and it was AMAZING

Vegan christmas dinnerrrr

My family are also slightly bonkers, we recorded our own christmas song, it was bad...but the most fun!!!

Ive also enjoyed throwing myself into the world of Harry this holiday season, as i write this im halfway through book 5!!! woo..Santa bought me so booja booja, the perfect book companion!!!!

I spent NYE drinking vegan wine with some of my Huddersfield Family...I looked like this:

I woke up for brunch on January the first and made the mother of all meals....
I think this is my favourite meal....OM NOM NOM

So that brings us to now, January 3rd 2016 :) and we are in Veganuary!!! Last year I posted daily on here what i was eating, this year I'm filming it and will make a video round up once a week, so keep your eyes open for that. Tomorrow I start my new job and this exciting new chapter...

Oh here is my 2015 round up video... <3 <3 <3


Much Love



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