Sunday, 15 February 2015

Thai sakon Huddersfield

Thai Sakon in Huddersfield!

I was invited to tea with some work chummies and it was decided that we would go to Thai Sakon in Huddersfield. Its one of those places that I've been past several times and always wanted to go in.
I had no idea how vegan friendly it would be!
Overall IT WAS FANTASTIC and I would go there again. The staff were extremely helpful, the wood was lovely and it had great vibes. If you're in Huddersfield I would 100% recommend it :)

Very good deal!!!

All VEGAN (apart from the egg rice)

For the starter I ordered corn fritters and my chummy ordered spring rolls..we did half and half each..they were soo yummmy!!

For the main I had some sweet and sour tofu and jasmine rice.
It was all super tasty!! And we left..VERY FULL

More info here:

Much Love



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