Sunday, 15 February 2015

Food, bath bombs, cats and politics..what vegans get upto!


long blog...been a bit useless..and a bit busy! alas..a mass blog ensues with some of my favourite foods in the last few weeks and some things I've been upto!

I made a roast...garlic veg...asparagus...stuffing..Linda Mc Cartney sausages

Pudology...the best thing ever..omg....cant reccommend enough 

I fell into a lush and had to treat..myself

I joined the green party and went to my first local meeting

I used the bathbomb....dyed my legs green hah

Made a fitttt spag bol!!

Discovered hazlenut milk makes the perfect hot chocolate

Had a spicey bean burger at gourmet burger 

Spent the day in bed with my kitty

Found Violife in ASDA!!

Been an awesome few weeks

Much love



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